Time for Some Bigger Projects

This is a slow time of year.  My Etsy shop has been up long enough now that I can compare last year’s stats with what is going on now.  I’m encouraged that I have grown more than 200% over last year in every category.  With that said, this time of year is the slowest for both last year and now this year.  If history serves it will pick up again once school starts up in the fall.  Now is a great time to order something because you know that I won’t be rushed and that your item will get my full attention.

Although the slowdown makes finances tricky, it does provide me with an opportunity to build up some inventory for the busy fall season as well as work on some bigger projects.  For example I have time to work on my sniper rifle that I hope to offer as a complete package by the end of the summer.  I’m also considering starting work on a custom gun of my own design that will shoot nerf darts.  It would be a step up from anything I have done up until now, but I’ve wanted to do it for a long time.

I wonder what else I should do with all my free time?