Pain In My Neck

I woke up yesterday with a pain in my neck and shoulder and this morning it isn’t any better.  It feels like I have a golf ball stuck under my shoulder blade.  It’s getting in the way of work.  It hurts whether I am moving or sitting still so I haven’t stopped moving.  It’s mostly just really uncomfortable.

Today I am working on my sniper rifle.  I am working on creating all the parts to transform a Nerf Recon Mk II into a full sized and lifelike sniper rifle.  A few months ago I made a long barrel attachment with a hand guard and a 10″ silencer.  I started selling this on my Etsy Shop a couple of weeks ago (Click Here For Link).  It takes two full days, over 40 hours, to print so it isn’t cheap.  I don’t expect to sell many even though it is really cool.  The price is just high for an accessory to a $20 toy.

It has been, however, the inspiration for making other parts to make a complete sniper rifle.  So for the past couple of weeks I have been working on a new butt stock and an altered charging slide where I removed the Nerf style accessory rail and replaced it with standard picatinny rails.

I want to put a real scope on it (because I couldn’t design one for cheaper than you can get a real on on Amazon), and possibly a foldable bipod.  When I am done I will sell it as a “Halo” item on my shop.  That means something that is so expensive I don’t actually expect people to buy it, but it will showcase my talent and what is possible encouraging people to buy my other stuff.  Don’t get me wrong, I hope to sell at least a couple.  I expect them to cost as much as $200 for the whole thing but won’t know for sure until I finish and calculate all the costs involved in making one.

I’ve made some progress and today I am printing out some extra details.  I’ve redesigned the stock and will be printing that in the next day or two.  It takes about 20 per half so I have to make sure I have time.

When I am done I hope to make molds of the charging slide and the stock and to produce resin parts for sale.  This will be cheaper and produce better quality parts.  I wouldn’t be able to sell multiple copies if I had to spend 5 days printing out all the parts for one gun, then finishing each one of the prints to look good.

I’ll keep posting my progress.  For now enjoy these pictures of what I have done so far.