On the Water

Since finishing the boat it has successfully passed every test we have thrown at it.  First I took it to a local pond by myself just to see if it floated.

Then the whole Boy Scout troop took it to Lake Arlington to try it out.  We discovered that with only about 400 pounds of displacement it was barely enough to cary two people, but we did manage it.  We also got some beautiful pictures of the sunset.

I decided to take it with us to another local pond on Memorial Day so we could have some fun while the food was cooking.  My youngest son was nervous at first, but then I couldn’t get him out of it.

And finally, we really tested it.  The Scout troop took it with us on our 30 mile, week long trip down the Buffalo National River in Arkansas.  I went solo down the river in it along with our food for each day.  It handled beautifully and withstood all the rocks and rapids.  It was absolutely amazing!

I am so proud of the boys for helping to create such a fun and capable boat.