My Inspirations

I have been greatly inspired by the modern “maker” movement. In this group I have found kindred spirits who find great pleasure in taking the world apart and putting it back together according to their own vision. I was greatly impressed by the work that Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage did on the “Mythbusters”. I even named my youngest son Jamie at least in part in their honor. Through Adam’s current work on his Youtube channel “Tested” I was inspired to start taking the toys that I had laying around my house and use them as an outlet for my creative urges. Youtube has become the biggest tool for inspiration for my work. Not only do I discover new ideas and potential projects there but I learn the skills needed to realize them. I am virtually self taught in painting, electronics, simple coding, 3d printing and mold making, all through instructional Youtube videos and other web resources. The modern world with the internet and the unprecedented opportunities for collaboration and sharing of ides that it brings has made my work and my life possible. I would be lost without it – probably stuck in a cubicle somewhere writing TPS reports!