Finishing My Stitch and Glue Canoe

For the past few months I have been working with the Boy Scouts to make some home built canoes.  We started two of them but have been concentrating our efforts on one of them to make sure we get finished.  Today I built the seats for it.  This is the last bit of construction that needs to be done before it will be ready to sail.  On Wednesday we plan on painting it which will be the last thing it needs.  The project has taken a little longer than expected but it has been a good winter project for the boys.  It’s also taught me a lot more about fiberglass and epoxy.

Here are some photos of the canoe in various states of completion.

Just after applying the fiberglass cloth

After the “fill coat” or second coat of epoxy on the fiberglass cloth.  The cloth has also been trimmed.

This is what it looked like today.  The decks fore and aft have already been installed and the seats are in place with the glue drying.

Now for some paint.  The boys have chosen Orange for the hull and white for the inside.  Should be pretty cool!