About Me

I’m a big ol’ bundle of seeming contradictions. I’m a warrior that loves art and design. Even though I’m a man of deep faith my conservative family and friends are convinced I’m a lost and wayward liberal. I’m a city born and raised desperado who learned how to saddle a horse as a boy and actually enjoys the long, hot Texas summers. I am just as comfortable in my Downtown Fort Worth apartment as I am sleeping under the stars miles off the beaten path.

I grew up in Arlington, TX with a pretty normal suburban upbringing. After high school I volunteered for missionary service and was sent first to Massachusetts and then to Northern Brazil. I lived in Brazil for more than 18 months where I learned to speak fluent Portuguese and had my first glimpse of life outside the American suburbs. After returning I studied politics and city planning in college. I worked for a local government body and joined the National Guard. In 2008 I was deployed to Iraq for combat duty. Once again I was immersed in a culture and circumstance completely alien to what I was accustomed to. It changed my life and began me down a path that has lead me here.

I returned home but didn’t go back to the graduate program I left a year and a half earlier. I started designing and making furniture in my little backyard shop. I started painting and showing my work in local art shows (Shout out to Studio 6 in Arlington. RIP). I went back to school and used the GI bill to pay for a degree in Interior Design. After working for three years as a designer and salesman for a local startup manufacturer I have returned to working for myself creating products and art. Once again I get to pursue projects that I like and that interest me. Finally, and most importantly, I have been married since 1999. I have three boys. My wife and partner is a lifestyle blogger and together we live in what amounts to a studio with a side room for sleeping. I would be nothing without her.

A few years ago, when I was still working for “The Man”, I was subjected to a personality test. The administrator of the test took one look at my results and exclaimed to the whole office, “You are the type of guy that would light a fire in the corner and then watch to see what happens… You are the quiet rebel that no one expects”. It must have been a good test because it exposed me like I was naked.

I hope that you have fun rebelling with me!


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