3D Models Now Available on Etsy

I have resisted putting these files out for everyone to see (and probably steel), but after a lot of deliberation with myself I have decided to make the STL files for some of my Nerf Barrel Attachments available for purchase in my Etsy Shop.  The will range in price from $2.99 to $4.99 depending on how complex they are. As of this post I have not yet added all of them that I intend to, but in the next few days I will post the rest.

These files will be ready to be inserted into your slicer and are fully printable.  I have even tried to rotate them so that they default to the right orientation for best printing.  Supports will have to be turned on for some of them to work.

I do worry about people buying these and then trying to sell their own prints in direct competition to mine, but I’m hoping that by changing a few dollars that most dishonest people will be kept away.  I thought that Patreon would be the best place to make these available, but my reach seems to be much greater on my more established social media platforms and here.  Patron doesn’t get a lot of casual traffic and works better for people with outlets like Youtube to help funnel people there.  In other words, Patreon is not where you gain fans, it’s where you send them once you have them. I guess I don’t have enough fans yet for it to be worth it.  I like writing here just fine.

Either way, go buy some files so that you can print your own Nerf Barrel Attachments!