When Design Choices Have to be Made

I’m having some trouble designing the stock for the sniper rifle.  I’ve worked out the mechanics of it all so that it fits onto a standard nerf gun, but I don’t know how I want it to look.  I’ve tried two different designs and have two more that I have completed digitally but not yet printed.  It takes so long to print each half that I’m beginning to get reluctant to try out new designs if I even have doubts about them.

I’m sure to most people they all look great and no one would know that I struggled so hard regardless of which design I end up choosing, but such is the curse of a designer.  Here are a few of the ideas.  I’m leaning towards the simple flat design.  It’s the most similar to actual stocks used by the US military on their rifles.  It would also be easier to make.  I’m printing this one now to see how it looks in real life.  I wish I was more sure about it though.  I’m waiting for that flash of inspiration to come and solve the problem in a flash.  I hate it when that doesn’t happen.